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Behavior Policy:

We have a school-wide behavior system in place at North Ohio. All students will be taught behavioral and procedural expectations for all major areas of the school. Those students making good choices and who are being safe, respectful and responsible will have opportunities to earn tickets from all areas of the school. The children turn in their tickets to me and I will give them little bee stickers to put on the behavior chart. Students earning 15 stickers mid-month and no major violations, will earn an extra reward recess. Students earning 30 stickers by the end of the month and no major violations will receive a special school-wide reward which will be different each month. The goal is to encourage good choices which will then allow for more learning time for all.

To help students make good decisions about behavior, we will be using the responsible thinking process. When a child causes a minor disruption to the classroom learning environment, they will be respectfully asked these questions:

  1. What are you doing?

  2. Is that o.k.?

  3. What will happen if you continue to disrupt the class?

  4. Is that what you want?

  5. What are you going to do now?

If the child answers these questions responsibly and respectfully, they will return right back to the classroom activity. If they refuse to comply with the process, they will go to the principal.

If the child disrupts a 2nd time, they will be asked: What are you doing? What did you say would happen if you disrupted again? Please go to the thinking chair. Then they will go to the “thinking chair.” When the child feels they are ready to return to the classroom activity and the teacher is also able to speak with them, the teacher will again ask the questions and they may return if they answer responsibly and respectfully. If they return and continue to disrupt, they will go to the RTC room to write a plan of how they will be able to act responsibly in order to return back to the classroom.

1st disruption- Asked the responsible thinking process questions

2nd disruption- Go to thinking chair and asked questions again

3rd disruption- Go to the RTC room to write a plan of how they can positively change the behavior and return to class

*Major behaviors or students who refuse to responsibly and respectfully go through the process will go to the principal.

****Please look in the North Ohio Handbook for further explanation of the Responsible thinking process and responsible thinking room******


We enjoy celebrating student’s birthdays in the classroom. If your child would like to bring a birthday treat to share with his or her classmates, please do so. Oftentimes, students with summer birthdays will celebrate on their half-birthday. Please let me know ahead of time if you plan on doing this.

Due to possibly hurting feelings, I ask that you do not send birthday invitations to be distributed by your child in the classroom unless all students are included. If you are only able to invite a few students, please get the invitations to me and I will discreetly hand them out so children do not feel “left out.”

Century Club:

During home visit you will receive a century club form. On this form, you can write down any books that you read together at home and when you reach 100 books, turn it in. Your child will get a special certificate and receive a trophy at the end of the year. If you read more than 100, they have medium and large trophies too. 


Our class goes to lunch at 10:50AM. We go already dressed for recess. If your child is purchasing a lunch, you can send in an envelope or zip lock bag with your child’s name, Mrs. Sylvester and Lunch money written on it. You can do the same for milk money if your child brings a lunch. You can pay per day or you can pay a larger amount and the amount will go on your account and will be deducted each time your child eats lunch (a debit account). If your child is bringing a lunch to school, please try not to send sweets or pop. My experience has been that students will eat the treats and then throw away or not eat their main meal. Students are allotted approximately 20 minutes to eat lunch and then they will need to clean up and go out for recess with their class for 20 minutes.

Lunch information:

Cost of hot lunch: $2.00

Cost of breakfast: $1.30 (served before 7:40)

Cost of milk: $ 0.40

***If you feel your child would qualify for free or reduced lunch, please call the office and they will connect you with Mrs. Karen Campbell in the kitchen. There is paperwork for you to fill out for your child.

Picking up Your Child: If you are going to pick up your child from school, you have a few options. One is to wait for the school buses to leave and pull up to the front of the school. 2:40-2:55 is usually a good time to do this. Staff will make sure your child is safe to go. You may also come in the school and pick up your child. They will be waiting in the gym. Please do not come to the room. If someone other than you is picking up your child, we need a note or a phone call from you. Please call the office by 2:00 if there are any dismissal changes so they can alert me. Getting your child safely to the correct destination is very important to me and our staff at North Ohio.

Secret Sharing Box:

This is similar to show and tell; however, one student is chosen daily to take home the secret sharing box. They are to choose one item from home that will fit in the box and that they want to share. They need your help to write down three clues about the item. At sharing time, they read the clues and the students try to guess what is in the box. Afterwards, they show and tell about their item and answer questions about it. Please limit it to one item in the box.


You do not need to send an individual snack for your child each day. Instead, we have class snack time. Snack donations for the class may be sent in at any time. We have 23 students. Examples of healthy snacks are: fruit, veggies, pretzels, crackers, granola bars, cheese, dry cereal, popcorn and yogurt/Go-gurt. Birthday treats are still welcome on your child’s birthday. I will also let you know, through a weekly newsletter, when snacks are running low.

Toys at School:

Please DO NOT allow your child to bring toys/valuables to school unless it is something for the secret sharing box or a special project. Often times students lose, break, have stolen or even give away items and parents are unaware.


I highly encourage you to volunteer in our classroom as much as you can. We enjoy having parents help and appreciate and value your support. Once we get on a regular schedule, I will be able to let you know when we need help the most. If you are going to be a regular volunteer, the school district requires that you fill out a green background-check form with a little general information about yourself. These are available in the office. You may also be interested in being a Motor Minutes parent. This program requires one hour per week of your time. You would be working with 3-4 students at a time on various pieces of exercise equipment. I will send a note home about this program after school begins.



This template was purchased at ThistleGirl Designs
This template was purchased at ThistleGirl Designs